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Made to measure
Fitting services
in the studio
Dear customers,

We are set to open on the 11th of May. Due to coronavirus we kindly ask you to follow new rules when visiting our studio:
The service will be strictly by appointment. Please, ring us up on 020 7937 6930 or
079 6102 0692 to book a fitting or collection
Always wear a mask
Use a sanitiser positioned down the stairs before entering the receptionĀ 
Only one customer is allowed in the studio per time
Please wash your clothes before brining them to our studio
If you are going to bring more than two pieces let us know. You may need longer appointment
If you are unwell, please stay at homeĀ and wait until you recover
To provide a safe environment in our studio we will regularly clean all surfaces during the day. We will start working on your item after 72h from receiving it. This time is recommended to weaken the virus. I hope you understand that these are necessary measures while coronavirus is around.